Literary Cakes and Cocktails

With my birthday coming up in the middle of the month, it’s time to start thinking about what treats I want to help me celebrate. Where better for a bibliophile to turn than to these two pun-filled bookish cookbooks?

I got Scone with the Wind from my in-laws for last year’s birthday, and found Tequila Mockingbird at the Salvation Army shop in Cambridge for 70 pence the other week. There’s some mighty tempting options in both. The Woman in Black Forest Gâteau? Finnegans Cake (chocolate/stout flavored)?

And to drink, perhaps The Lime of the Ancient Mariner (gin with lime and grapefruit juices in a salted glass) or Gin Eyre (if I can find something to substitute for orange bitters)? We don’t keep a lot of spirits around, but gin and rum are always in our drinks cupboard, so that’s a good place to start.

If you can’t handle puns, look away from these books now! However, if you or someone you know likes them, these make great gift books for the coffee table. I’ll report back on my culinary trials!


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  1. What fun!

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  2. I can’t wait to hear about what you decide to try! I would love the cake one. I love looking at cakes made to look like books or people and places in literature. We have made many Harry Potter themed goodies around here.
    Don’t forget to take pictures!


    1. I once attended an Edible Book Festival of cakes decorated as book covers (often involving puns). It was so much fun!

      We’ve also saved some newspaper recipes for cocktails with ingredients we’re likely to have around. If we end up making those for my birthday instead, I might just have to come up with my own literary pun names for them!

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  3. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for these two clever books.

    P.S. The Lime of the Ancient Mariner sounds yummy – that would be my first “make”. 😉


    1. I agree it sounds tasty and achievable — the ingredients aren’t too obscure.


  4. I love puns, gin, and chocolate cake. Hurray for October birthdays!

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  5. The “Cocktail of Two Cities” above is basically a French 75, a delicious cocktail I once had in a Manchester cafe when meeting a fellow book blogger 🙂


  6. FINNEGANS CAKE oh my goodness. I’d actually love to get my hands on a copy of Scone With the Wind 🙂

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  7. […] didn’t end up using my literary cakes and cocktails books this year, but that gives me a chance to proffer my own pun names for what we did make. We […]


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