My Most Anticipated 2019 Releases, Part I

The past two years I’ve done biannual roundups of the 30 or so new releases I’m most interested in reading in that half of the year. I’m a bit behind on this year’s preview, so in the interest of not missing my moment I’m giving it in pictorial format, and cheating a bit by not including in the 30 these books that I already own in print.

The 2019 (UK) releases I already own in print and will be looking forward to reading.

Plus a few ARCs I brought back from America. The Leung stories came out in Canada last year.

For a complete list of my 30 most anticipated titles, from which you can access full publication details by clicking on any cover image or title, see my dedicated Goodreads shelf.

Not pictured below but well worth mentioning are new novels from Elizabeth McCracken and Ian McEwan. THE book I’m most looking forward to, after so loving The Invisible Bridge over the summer, is Julie Orringer’s Flight Portfolio, another doorstopper that brings Holocaust history to life (coming from Knopf on May 7th).

Some of my most anticipated titles.

Beyond these, I have another nearly 100 titles on my radar for the first half of 2019!

Plus some additional 2019 releases that are worth looking into simply for the terrific covers!


Other lists of enticing 2019 releases that might give you some ideas:

A Little Blog of Books (UK)

Book Riot (general) & Book Riot (mostly nonfiction, through February)

Guardian (UK, nonfiction and fiction)

Lit Hub

The Millions


Which 2019 books are you looking forward to? Do any of my choices interest you?

14 responses

  1. Ooh The Stubborn Archivist looks good! I went through the Guardian lists yesterday and picked out Angie Thomas’ On the Come Up, Caroline Criado Perez’ Invisible Women and Ayisha Malik’s This Green and Pleasant Land. I’ll see what NetGalley throws at me, too. I need to go through my old NG stuff and decide what to do with some of it!

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  2. So much to look forward to! I enjoyed The Gunners and have my eye on the Hustvedt.

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  3. We have great books ahead! Hadley & Hustvedt are also on my list of most anticipated releases 🙂

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  4. I can hardly keep up with McEwan! I will read his latest – I’ve enjoyed his last few books. Also looking forward to the McCracken.

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  5. I’m looking forward to the Siri Hustvedt too. She’s a wonderful writer. Thanks for this list. Lots to check out.

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  6. I’m looking forward to the new Marlon James the most this year. I adored his two previous books so I have high hopes.

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  7. I especially love vintage Ian McEwan, so I’m crossing my fingers for his next one…

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  8. I’m not sure about McEwan. I loved his early books but after ‘Saturday’ I thought he lost his way .


    1. I really enjoyed Nutshell. The new novel is about AI and set in an alternative version of the 1980s.


      1. Nutshell didn’t appeal to me sorry


  9. I’m so excited to hear more about all of these books! The pile you already own looks so colourful and full of possibility.
    I’m happy that I’ve actually read one already – That Time I Loved You. If they are all as good as hers, 2019 should be a good year!

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