An Untranslatable Term for International Translation Day

Today is International Translation Day, so I’m sharing my favorite spread from In Other Words: An Illustrated Miscellany of the World’s Most Intriguing Words and Phrases by Christopher J. Moore (foreword by Simon Winchester), which came out from Modern Press last year. It’s a collection of the linguist/translator’s 80 favorite untranslatable expressions.

#Internationaltranslationday #InOtherWords @modernbooks

My thanks to Alison Menzies PR for sending a copy of the e-book.

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  1. This book sounds great! Have you read Other-Wordly? It sounds similar and I’m wondering which one to get…

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    1. No, I didn’t know about that one. It sounds fun! Very short, though — less than half the length of In Other Words.

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  2. That sounds like my kinda book….

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  3. Love that–sounds like a wonderful book. I’ve just started researching Finland for my newest WIP–and their language is such an immense joy to to discover. No wonder so many people try (and fail) to learn the language.

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    1. Finnish sounds fiendishly difficult. I think it’s out on a branch of its own when it comes to the language tree? Not as similar to the other Scandinavian languages as you’d expect.


  4. OH, that’s just delightful. I keep meaning to read more about language. (Now that sounds odd, doesn’t it.)

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